White Raptor!

The end of an expansion is one of my favorite times of an expansion, as it allows me to play catch up on all of the “stuff” I missed or didn’t have time to do previously during the beginning and middle of an expansion. Such as obtaining 9,999 dinosaur bones for the white raptor as shown below.  I actually enjoy this kind of kind grind, as it allows me to grind at my own pace with a guaranteed mount reward at the end.  Since I have horrible luck with mount drops ( I think I’ve killed Midnight over a 100 times and still no horsey), knowing I was actually going to get a white raptor made killing hundreds of dinosaurs not too horrible. Not to mention that I nabbed around a dozen Direhorn Runts and another dozen Zandalari raptor pets and made a nice tidy profit from selling them. :)


This time of the expansion also gives me time to level up my alts that have been falling by the wayside. I am slowly working my way towards having a max level character of every class. (my rogue is 89, and still need a DK, pally, mage, lock, warrior, druid…wow, I have a long way to go!) But with every expansion I get a little bit closer. :) I also like this time of an expansion because I don’t feel like I have to rush to do anything; I can take breaks here and there without worrying about being behind in the gear race.

With all that being said however, as much as I enjoy this time of an expansion, I hope it doesn’t last until next September. If WoD comes out around May, that will make me happy. :) I still won’t have all classes to max level, but hey, that’s what the end of WoD is for, right?