Dungeon scaling possibilities

I always enjoy reading the WoW gaming tips on the loading screen, especially the one that states to take everything in moderation, including WoW. So every so often I take little breaks from the game, mostly days/weeks at a time, but occasionally longer chunks of time. During one of those larger breaks, I ventured into playing Guild Wars 2. There are a lot of aspects of that game I really enjoyed; the story quests, the questing in general, group events, etc. They had a system where a character’s level scaled down to match the zone/dungeon in which they were in. For that game, I thought that the level scaling worked really well. Their leveling experience is vastly different from WoW, and I actually wish that WoW could adapt some of their quest techniques.

Could level scaling work in WoW?

If Blizzard were to implement level scaling, they would have to make it optional. I like being able to solo old raids/dungeons for pets and transmog gear, and honestly, I am not a glutton for punishment. I’ve done heroic progression on raids, and while there is no denying the satisfaction a person gets from working together as a team to down a particularly difficult boss, I don’t particularly like doing that over and over and over. (which is partly why I don’t progression raid, anymore) I like being able to just pound on a boss and get ‘er done once the initial challenging test has been completed.

It is true that for those of us that like to quest and complete a zone, the quests turn green and sometimes grey before the zone is complete, especially if the character is in a level 25 guild and wearing full heirlooms. In my opinion, that is not enough of a reason to introduce level scaling, though. If I want to complete a zone’s quests, whether to get the achievement or just to see the full story play out, I am less interesting in gaining levels on my toon that in seeing the story, therefore, I could care less about whether I was getting 50K XP or 25K XP.

Now old dungeons/raids on the other hand, it would be nice to get more use out of them other than as just leveling tools. At level cap, more so in MoP than in previous expansions, there are a limited number of 5 man dungeons available for those that prefer to cap their valor in that manner. Why not use some of the old dungeons that a character might pass through a time or two on their way to 90, and have the dungeon scale to match the character? Imagine doing Sunken Temple at level 90, or Dire Maul, or….shudder….Blackrock Depths. Blizzard could either have the gear that drops scale up to current dungeon item levels, or the bosses could drop a token or something similar that players could exchange for valor/justice or perhaps profession mats? They already have leveling dungeons such as Scarlet Monastery, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep that have a matching heroic 85 or 90 level version that essentially drops the same gear, just scaled up. Why not do that for all dungeons? Keep all the hard work that Blizzard did in creating those dungeons relevant and useful? The same could be applied to the old raids – Ulduar is a lot of people’s favorite raid; why not open that up for Flex and Raid Finder and scale the difficult level as needed? ┬áIt’s a shame to have all that art work and design go into those dungeons and raids to only be used for a few months or a year, and then have it be put away into the dark recesses of the Blizzard closet.

All this being said, however, I am more in favor of Blizzard spending the resources on developing new content instead of finding ways to reuse old content…but if making the dungeon/raid scale with a toggle feature isn’t that labor intensive, then why not go for it?

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