Should Professions be Account-Bound

I love the advent of account wide achievements and items in wow. Absolutely love it! To me, it makes no difference if you are going to spend 100 hours playing what character(s) you spend your time on. The only reason I finally got the Loremaster achievement was because of account bound achievements. I had completed a little over half of the quests on both continents on my first character, and after the Cataclysm occurred I could not bring myself to do those quests again on that character. It was so nice to be able to chip away at that achievement across multiple characters.

So as much as I adore account bound stuff, do I wish that a single character could max out all professions? Unfortunately this topic lies in a murky grey area for me. My hunters original professions were skinning and leather working, not because of the nifty bonus of being able to make your own clothes, but because the skinning trainer was the first profession trainer I came across in the nelf starting area. I ended up maxing both professions (this was during Wrath) and then one day while running Outland dungeons with guildies I saw someone riding a flying carpet, and was like OMG, I have to have one of those. I saw one on the auction house and diligently squirreled away my gold for a week before I could afford it. I was so excited when I plucked it out if my mailbox only to discover that I had to be a tailor to use it. Either skinning or leather working had to go! I decided upon skinning and spent a few hours skinning as many mobs in Sholozar as possible to stockpile any leather I might need and switched over to tailoring and have never looked back. Even when I was scoffed at and derided for choosing tailoring as a hunter, the carpet was well worth it. I also eventually ended up switching leather working for inscription, and I remember being a tad bit annoyed that Blizzard only allowed us two professions, and that all the hard work I’d put into leveling my first two was gone forever with no hope of getting it back should I choose to switch again.

On the other hand, one of my favorite things to do when creating a new character is to choose those professions I haven’t maxed out on yet. And if everyone were to take the time and effort to max out all professions in their main, what would that do to server economies? Granted, how many people would actually do that?

I suppose I would be more in favor of a work bench idea as proposed. It would be nice to create an enchant right then and there instead of logging onto your enchanter just to mail it and log back onto the character that needs the enchant. The manager in me feels that process is very inefficient. A workbench could also be implemented with player housing. Player housing could house an account-bound bank that functions like a guild bank, and a workbench in which one character could make use of any of the professions learned within the account. I know I have read a lot of complaints about how the game is becoming too simplified, but I think there’s a big difference between making something more efficient and simplying it into non-existance.