LK all the way!

Obviously from the title of this post, Wrath is my favorite expansion simply because it is when I started playing the game. Sentimentality carries a heavy weight with me. It’s the expansion in which I met my significant other, so it will always hold a special place with me.

Grizzly Hills is hands down my favorite zone in this game. The landscape was so different from the other zones and the music is absolutely perfect. It was the first zone I intentionally sought out to do all the quests for the achievement even though I was 2 levels past that zone by the time I did so.

I may be one of the few that actually enjoyed Trial of the Crusader, but then again I was so new to raiding that I didn’t even really understand what was going on. ICC I loved even though I spent so much time on Professor Pukie (as I called him) that I felt we were related. I didn’t get to kill the LK until Cata came out but it’s such an awesome fight no matter what level you are. What I don’t like about that expansion is the gear design. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t like it until I started running old raids and dungeons for transmog gear. Most of the design and colors are so blah to me. BC on the other hand was awesome for that, and even though I didn’t play during that expansion, I love it for the gear.

If I were to look at expansions without my sentimental glasses on, I would have to say MoP is the best expansion that I’ve been a part of. Granted the dailies weren’t quite what I’d hoped they would be, but the overall experience has been great. Farming, pet battles, brawlers club, account wide achievements, LFR for every tier, Timeless Isle, scenarios….whew that’s a lot of stuff. And whether a person likes most of that stuff, they can’t deny that there’s a lot more stuff to do than before aside from raiding. Now I liked raiding, but I don’t have the time commitment for it anymore, and if I can’t give my group at least 90% of my toon, then I shouldn’t be doing it. One of these days I’ll try flex, though LFR works fine for me at the moment.

And in closing, I’ll even toss a bone to Cata. The zones needed to be revamped, and I loved that they made each zone have its own questing achievement. Being a huge Indiana Jones fan, I enjoyed Uldum, though I agree there were a few too many cut scenes. Vashjir was beautiful and unique, and though I have a tough time with flying or swimming in this game, I could appreciate the zone for what is was. Being able to play as a naga for that quest line was great. I wasn’t a huge fan of BoT but thought BWD was a good raid, in particular the Atramedes fight. Dragon Soul was the first raid I ever did heroic progression on and killing heroic Deathwing was A moment for me, but DW never seemed like the big bad to me that the LK was.

Ever-changing world

There’s something to be said for a virtual world that changes around you; a world that makes you feel like you directly affected it. I have no game design experience whatsoever, so I’m not sure how difficult it would be to have a constant changing world, but I’m in favor of it. Sure, it’d suck to miss out on certain events because they occurred before you started playing or while you were taking a break from the game, but that’s just the nature of life. The world doesn’t stand still waiting for us to catch up.
Putting aside all the pain in the arse moments related to game phasing, I actually enjoy phasing. One part of the molten front dailies I enjoyed was helping out the various people enough so that trees started to grow out of the ash. All those daily quests actually had a visual effect for me in the game. The Tillers farm is another; helping out all those farmers rewarded me with new plots, animals, and my very own hut. Loved it!
It bothers me a bit that we run around the world doing all those tasks, and nothing visually changes. Ashenvale is still burning, Fordragon hold still has people screaming in pain though its been a few years now, Silithus is still god awful. And now we have the Vale. I think it’s brilliant that it was ruined, that our actions caused a beautiful place to turn ugly. I sincerely hope that before the next expansion occurs we have a chance to start healing it, but lets face it; that’s going to take quite a bit of time before its back to where it was. And truthfully, can the Vale even be healed?