More Spoilers, Please!

I am an avid reader of books. I can easily devour an entire book on a Saturday if I have the time to indulge myself in some lazy afternoon reading. If the book is particularly delightful, I find myself staying up until 5AM just to finish it. Who needs sleep, right? The reason I bring this up is because if during the course of reading the book, I will often skip to the very end just to see if characters that I am enjoying are still there at the end of the book. In some cases, they are not, which is upsetting, but I’d much rather know about it than to be surprised at the end. Surprised and upset. It doesn’t ruin my reading experience knowing if character A is going to die, or is secretly the bad guy. I still get to enjoy the path that leads from the beginning to the end of the book. Sometimes the journey is more important than the start and finish.

In regards to the spoilers leaking about who the new WarChief is, I don’t think the WoW Insider staff could have done it any better. They announced the spoiler, stated very clearly that reading below the break was ripe with spoilers. At that point it was up to the user whether they wanted to see the spoiler or not. I personally happily clicked open the article to see who it was, but I did refrain from watching the videos as I will hopefully be able to see them myself later on this week. 

Bottom line – spoilers don’t really bother me, sometimes I embrace them. But people need to be aware that if they visit sites such as WoW Insider, spoilers could be found from either the stories themselves or from the people posting comments, whether it’s accidental or not. If you’re a person that prefers to be in the dark about plot twists and turns, then perhaps cocooning yourself off from WoW sites and even the game itself would be the best thing for you.

Timeless Perfection


I’m not sure how long the love affair with the Timeless Isle is going to last, but wow, the island is just what we needed. Like a shot of penicillin, only without the needle.

Surprise #1- after the patch downtime, the game was ready to play before the listed end time. I work second shift and I have never been able to get a taste of a new major content patch the day it released! Granted I only had an hour or so to explore before I had to head off to work, but an hour was more than I was used to having.

Surprise #2- my server had people! Lots of people! And they were communicating in /general! I hadn’t seen that since the launch of Mists. I’m more of what I would term a shadow in a corner player. I’m not hugely sociable and I’m pretty quiet- wow is my relaxation time and I have to talk and deal with people at work so I don’t have a burning desire to have a ton of conversations on game. That being said, I like being around conversing people in game. I enjoy guild chat and even trade chat, something which on my server has been stuck on mute for going on 6 months now. I even miss the gold sellers. My guild transferred servers a few months back and I’ve been stubborn about transferring. So to see people chatting and forming groups on my server has been a present in itself.

Surprise #3- alt heaven! During my first hour there I had acquired about 8 pieces if BOA gear and was able to outfit my priest enough to get her into ToT and my shaman into HoF! And my shaman was still level 89, so of course I finally leveled her up to 90 via pet battles so I could use the new gear. Plus I have gear for my monk when/if I get her to 90. The gear actually provides more motivation for me to do so now. Can’t let all that loot go to waste. So I have 3 different sets of cloth 496 gear that I can’t use – who cares! It’s there in case I need to use it someday.

Surprise #4- odd transportation methods. Two words: albatross express. I don’t have the cloak yet and I haven’t tried any of the kites, but have taken many bird taxis. I can’t wait for the cloak though because I feel bad having the bird carry me all over the island only to kill it when I reach my destination. Seriously Blizz, can’t you just put an eject button on the bird? Isn’t the bird working hard enough carrying all of our bulk all over the island – it doesn’t deserve to get punched in the face for it.

I also really like how everyone has access to the rares and gets credit and loot for killing them no matter who tagged them. Makes it more of a team effort in my opinion. I have yet to be a part of a rep group yet, mostly because I had other things I wanted to do and didn’t want to be locked down for an hour or more killing the Yaungols. But I have partook in the Celestial bosses, though I haven’t done the red crane . Yu’lon though can kiss my butt with her green fire of death.

And the pet tournament? Gonna need some more pets. I have the requisite 15 but since I suck at pet battles I figure I’ll need at least 30 to have a fighting chance. I really really want the mini Chi Ji pet. The others are adorable as well but something about the red crane just calls out to me.

As I said earlier, I’m not sure how long the Timeless Isle is going to be as magical as it is at the moment, but for now I’ll take it